Client Cases

impacore has helped many of the world's top companies get more out of their consultants and professional service providers. We have enabled our clients to introduce rigor into the process of managing their service providers. In order to demonstrate just how important it is to measure provider performance we have chosen to share a handful of real client cases with you. While each case shows a single (anonymized) client situation, the outcome is characteristic of our experience at many clients.

Simply click on a client case below to view a 30 second video that will demonstrate how impacore delivered real value.

Time after time we have uncovered issues that would have otherwise gone undetected.

Disappointing performance of a high priced consulting firm

IT provider not up to the task

Promises not kept

Deliverables not completed to the client's satisfaction

Consultants not aware of their client's dissatisfaction

The results that we have achieved for our clients speak for themselves.

IT project rescued

Return on consulting spend improved with a variable fee model

Negotiation results improved using firm performance rankings

Success of an important consulting project secured