Increase your value for money - exploit your savings potential while driving performance

Cost comparisons are used by procurement as an important tool to identify savings potential. impacore offers a new, unique and indispensable method that combines cost with performance comparisons.

Exploit your savings potential

impacore's Cost Benchmarking delivers valuable insights that will greatly improve your negotiation results. The foundation of our Cost Benchmarking is a detailed analysis of your spend, cost drivers and purchasing processes followed by a comparison to industry benchmarks. This comprehensive approach allows us to identify your cost savings potential and to tailor recommendations that are both precise and immediately actionable. In fact, you will be realizing savings in your next negotiation round.

Ensure a high level of performance

A reduction in professional service costs often leads to a decline in service quality. Service providers may staff teams with less expertise or take other measures that result in the delivery of lower quality outcomes. Effective cost management must therefore go hand-in-hand with quality control. impacore offers precisely that quality measure as a quantitative, easy-to-interpret Performance Rating.